If you want to bring your drone engineering skills to the next level, in a tenth of the time, without having to pay thousands of dollars.. I PROMISE you’ll want to hear what we have for you...

Previously, our courses and projects were only available to buy at high prices ($700). We even had several MILLION dollar drone startups take our curriculum. If this page is live, that means you can get all of this AND MORE at a FRACTION of the cost

Introducing... Blue Belt Membership! But What Does It Come With?

ALL Of Our Courses

The total cost of these courses used to be $700.

Here's some examples of projects that the knowledge in these courses enables you to do

Autonomous Python Missions

Autonomous Drone Delivery

Computer Vision Influenced Flight

Blue Belt Membership Also Includes:

The Project Library: NetFlix For Your Drone!

Think of the courses as the basics, and the projects as advanced material you can implement on your robots. For example, we have projects on indoor 4G drone control, voice assistants, and even flying your drone indoors. We give you all the tutorials, hardware, code, and coaching required to accomplish each project!

What Else Comes With Blue Belt Membership?

We even include $30 discounts for all Drone and Rover kit purchases!

Here is EVERYTHING You Get When You Sign Up For Blue Belt Membership


  • ALL of the Drone Dojo Courses                                    ($797)
  • ALL of the Drone Dojo Projects                                    ($354)
  • Access to Drone Dojo Forum & Coach’s Email           ($300)
  • Access to Drone Dojo Mastermind Discord                  ($50)
  • 30 Dollars Off Any Drone or Rover Purchas                 ($30)

Total Value: $1,531.00

How's $27/mo sound?

PSYCH! If this page is live, you can claim your first month for just...


That's not a typo.


Truthfully, this is a HUGE pivot from how the Drone Dojo used to operate. AKA, high priced courses to a small amount of people.

This sale is a trial period. We will honor all those that claim their membership, but it is likely that we will pivot back to high priced courses.