Learn The 3 Secrets That Multi-million Dollar Drone Startups Are Using To Rapidly Prototype New Drone Ideas... And How YOU Can Apply Them When You Order This Raspberry Pi Drone Kit!

Attention all tech nerds! take your tech skills to the skies by building the ultimate programmable project drone... without spending thousands of dollars on a drone!

See Some of What Your Raspberry Pi Drone Is Capable Of...

Autonomous Python Missions

Autonomous Drone Delivery

Computer Vision Influenced Flight

What's Included In Your Drone Kit...

  • Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Pixhawk Flight Controller
  • Drone Frame
  • Four Brushless Motors
  • Four ESCs
  • RC Transmitter and Receiver
  • 3D Printed Vibration Dampening Plate
  • SD Card and SD Card Reader
  • Mounting materials
  • Lipo Battery
  • Lipo Battery Charger
  • Lipo Battery Fire-proof case
  • Eight Propellers
  • GPS and Compass Module
  • GPS mount
  • All connectors you’ll need
    Telemetry Modules
  • Screws, screwdrivers, hex keys

No need to go through the painful process of having to find your own parts! Just Put the Jacket On!

Every single item required to build this drone is included with your drone kit. All the parts are compatible and have been quality controlled, allowing you to save tons of time and get to the fun stuff much faster!

Additionally, we buy in bulk. So it costs us way less to get the parts compared to someone building a single drone. Essentially, the price of this kit is the same, or a little cheaper, than if you were to find all the 40+ parts on your own.

What Others Have Done With Their Raspberry Pi Drone

  • Autonomous Drone Delivery
  • ​Drone Fishing
  • Drone Surveillance Missions
  • Drone Swarms
  • Drone-in-a-box Missions
  • Computer Vision Missions
  • and so much more!
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Other Drones Like This Cost Thousands of Dollars...

ModalAI - $2,000

HiTec SUI - $13,000

Why So Expensive? Because They Are Targeting Businesses

We are targeting tech hackers like yourself who want access to an affordable yet highly capable programmable drone, so we can charge WAY less than our competitors…

Reserve your pihawk Drone Kit Today for...



Unfortunately, we've had to raise prices 3 times this year due to part shortages and price inflation (May, July and August).

This Drone Kit May Be Cheap, But It's Using the Exact Same Open Source Tools That Multi-Million Dollar Companies Are Using

  • ArduPilot Flight Control Code (Used by Matternet, a Drone Delivery Company that has received $16 million in funding)
  • ArduPilot supports a HUGE array of sensors.. simply plug them in like lego blocks as needed (Matternet used a $300 dollar precision landing sensor called IR-Lock to land within 15 cm of a target consistently)
  • Pixhawk Flight Controller (Open source hardware that is used on a ton of commercial drones)
  • Autonomous Control with Python-Dronekit (a package to write python scripts with high level drone functions to control the drone’s movement.. NO RC required!)

You're Not Only Getting This Raspberry Pi Drone Kit...

Order Today and Receive Three Bonuses to Go Along With Your Purchase!

BONUS 1: 21-Part Drone Building Video Manual That Walks You Through The Drone Building Process, Step-By-Step.

We realize that the drone building process could be a tad scary for some. There are tons of steps and even more parts, how can you be sure you are correctly putting the drone together? Will it explode if I plug the battery in?? Maybe you’re like myself and didn’t feel confident around a soldering iron.

That is why we created this 21 step video series that shows you EXACTLY what you have to do, and in what order, so you can take the guesswork out of building an actually flyable drone from your parts.

$300 Value

BONUS 2: Direct Access to Our Drone Dojo Community Forum and Access to the Email of a Drone Dojo Coach.

Normally, if you buy a piece of hardware like this, you are on your own after it’s in your hands. Have a question about how to setup a particular module on your drone? Experiencing some issue and need help troubleshooting??

Good luck getting your questions answered in a timely manner. 
I don’t want the fear of getting stuck and having no one to help you stop you from getting your own Raspberry Pi drone. That is why I am including access to two resources should you have a question: my email (or one of our Drone Dojo coaches) and our Drone Dojo community forum!

$300 Value

BONUS 3: Smoke Stopper to Detect and Prevent Shorts so You Don't Fry Your Drone.

One of the biggest problems new drone builders encounter is shorting out their drone. They have no idea there is an issue, they plug in the battery, and the lovely plume of electronic smoke shoots into the air. 

And just like that, their electronics are fried. They get frustrated, and never complete their drone build. 
This is easily preventable with what I am including in this offer- a smoke stopper!
You simply plug this in between your drone and your battery when first powering up. If there is a short, the smoke stopper won’t allow the surge of electricity to hit the electronics, and you can get to diagnosing the issue. The hardware is spared!

$27 Value

Here is EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Your Own Raspberry Pi Drone Today!

  • Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk Drone Kit                                    ($1,000)
  • 21 Part Video Series on Drone Building                               ($300)
  • Access to Drone Dojo Forum & Coach’s Email                    ($300)
  • Smoke Stopper to Prevent Shorts                                         ($27)

Total Value: $1,627.00

If You Order Today, Get All This For Just...


We are trying our best to remain in stock amidst these covid-19 supply chain disruptions

With that said, if you know you need this drone, I wouldn't hesitate to claim yours

And What If You Want a Refund?

No worries. This product comes with a

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (from when you receive the package)