Attention all tech nerds! Learn how to build, program and run an advanced autonomous rover capable of computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learn how to bring ANY autonomous rover idea to life with this autonomous rover kit.

Some of What Building a Rover with This ArduRover Kit Unlocks...

Autonomous Lawn Mowing

Control An 8 Wheel Tractor

Solar Powered Vehicles

What's Included In Your Rover Kit...

  • Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi
  • Pixhawk Flight Controller
  • 1/10th Crawler Chassis
  • Brushed Motor
  • Brushed Motor ESC
  • RC Transmitter and Receiver
  • 3D Printed Mount
  • Webcam for OpenCV Scripting
  • Mounting materials
  • Lipo Battery
  • Lipo Battery Charger
  • Lipo Battery Fire-proof case
  • WiFi Telemetry Module
  • GPS and Compass Module
  • GPS mount
  • Steering Servo and small servo for delivery
  • Screws, screwdrivers, hex keys
  • A ton more!

No need to go through the painful process of having to find your own parts!

Every single item required to build this rover is included with your drone kit. All the parts are compatible and have been quality controlled, allowing you to save tons of time and get to the fun stuff much faster!

Additionally, we buy in bulk. So it costs us way less to get the parts compared to someone building a single rover. Essentially, the price of this kit is the same, or a little cheaper, than if you were to find all the 40+ parts on your own.

What You Can Do With ArduRover and Raspberry Pi

  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Rover Delivery
  • Computer Vision/OpenCV
  • Python Script Control
  • Voice Control of Rover
  • and so much more!

Other Rovers Like This Cost Thousands of Dollars...

AION UGV - $5,000

TT Robotics - Not even listed (to not scare people away from the price)

Why So Expensive? Because They Are Targeting Businesses

We are targeting tech hackers like yourself who want access to an affordable yet highly capable programmable drone, so we can charge WAY less than our competitors…

Reserve your Smart Rover Kit Today for...




You're Not Only Getting Smart Rover Kit...

…Which is insanely valuable all on your own. Good luck trying to find what parts you need to build a rover when you don’t even know what parts you need, let alone if the various parts are compatible…

Order Today and Receive Three Bonuses to Go Along With Your Purchase!

BONUS 0: This is the exact rover and parts we will be demo-ing free projects on!

You know how YouTube normally works with DIY tech projects… one guy poorly showing off what they have done without any explanation of how you could achieve that. Oh, and it’s probably being filmed vertically on a phone with extremely shaky recording… but I digress..

Well with this Rover we will be demo-ing in depth DIY guides on various projects. Kit purchasers can already apply the knowledge from the free video at the top of this page, which shows how to control the vehicle with python scripting and even run your own autonomous delivery missions. 

In the future, we will be doing a ton more projects that will be easy for you to follow along with your kit. Think projects like openCV/computer vision based control, artificial intelligence, machine learning and a ton more! You get all this for free. 

$300 Value

BONUS 1: Pre-flashed firmware so everything is as plug and play as it possibly could be!

We get it. Setting up the firmware can be a tedious process. On top of that, how do you know you’re downloading the right program? Oh and when you do, 50% chance your SD card reader won’t work, or there’s some random error you have to debug, sending you down a 4 hour blackhole. This can all be avoided. 

On your rover kit, there is ArduRover firmware for the Pixhawk, and the OS for the Raspberry Pi. Both of these will be PRE-FLASHED for you! Don’t worry about downloading software compatibility, don’t fret over which ArduRover version to flash. We got you. 

$200 Value

BONUS 2: Direct Access to Our Drone Dojo Community Forum and Access to the Email of a Drone Dojo Coach.

Normally, if you buy a piece of hardware like this, you are on your own after it’s in your hands. Have a question about how to setup a particular module on your drone? Experiencing some issue and need help troubleshooting??

Good luck getting your questions answered in a timely manner. 
I don’t want the fear of getting stuck and having no one to help you stop you from getting your own UGV. That is why I am including access to two resources should you have a question: my email (or one of our Drone Dojo coaches) and our Drone Dojo community forum!

$300 Value

BONUS 3: Pre-configured ArduPilot Parameters and PID Values

So we already established we are pre-flashing the firmware for your pixhawk and Raspberry Pi. If you’re not aware, there are hundreds of parameters that change the functionality of your Rover. These are configurable in a ground control station like MissionPlanner, but how the heck do you know which parameters you need to change/alter? 

We have vetted 20+ parameters that we tested on our rover, and you will get this pre-configured. This includes the PID values that produces smooth driving while your rover is in autonomous drive modes. Without these PIDs, you’d have to manually tune these on your own (which can be a painful process.. it took me an entire day to accomplish this the first time)

$200 Value

BONUS 4: Pre-soldered Power Module With UBEC Power Supply

Your Raspberry Pi needs a 5V 3A power supply powered through USB-C in order to operate. The standard power module that takes power from the LiPo battery and powers the PixHawk doesn’t have this UBEC for the Pi, so you have to manually solder a UBEC onto the power module, then solder on USB-C cable to the UBEC. 

You can see, this can be a pain. 

Rover kit purchasers will get this part PRE-SOLDERED and customized for your Pi build! So for you, it is just another plug and play part. For others…. a hair pulling out event.

$47 Value

Here is EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Your Own Smart Rover Kit Today!

  • Smart Rover Kit                                                                   ($1,000)
  • Free Advanced Follow Along Projects                              ($300)
  • Pre-flashed Firmware                                                         ($200)
  • Access to Dojo Coach                                                         ($300)
  • Pre-soldered Parts                                                              ($50)
  • Pre-configured Parameters and PIDs                                  ($200)

Total Value: $1,970.00

If You Order Today, Get All This For Just...


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