A ton of you and your robot builds have cameras on them. Did you know you can stream video from your vehicles camera directly into MissionPlanner for a FPV perspective? 

It’s pretty simple if you follow our steps, but can take weeks if you don’t. It’s all made possible with a program called MJPG-STREAMER, which accesses your camera on your companion computer (like a Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano) and streams the frames over the internet. MissionPlanner can then get granted access to this stream, and voila!

Below is a summary of everything covered in this project: 

  • Install MJPG-STREAMER to your companion computer
  • How to start the MJPG-STREAMER command
  • What options you have with the startup command
  • How to access your camera feed on a browser
  • How to access your camera feed in MissionPlanner

This project is based on our Rover and Drone kits. To access one, click the buttons above. 

No special code required for this project. Just access the commands used in the command line from the video.