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Drone Precision Landing | The Key to Tru...

Drones have already taken many industries by storm, as it turns out there is much more to drones than flying wedding cameras. Most industrial drones are capable of path planning and semi-autonomous flight, but to be truly autonomous they will need to incorporate precision landing. What is drone precision landing you ask? Almost all drones […]

Laser Range Finders for Drones | Top Mod...


If you are looking for the best laser range finders for your drone or robot then you came to the right place! In recent years, lidar technology has progressed rapidly, making the technology much more affordable. This is great news for the DIY robotics and drone communities! One particular application of this technology is in […]

Open Source Drone Software Projects


Whether you’re building an FPV quad, a fixed wing drone or an octocopter, every drone enthusiast will face the choice of which flight control software to use. Chances are, if you’re building a drone you’ll also want to use some sort of open source drone software to run your drone’s flight control board. Oh, and […]

Make Your Own Arduino Drone


Arduino boards have become the ultimate electronics learning tools. First of all, they’re stupid cheap, which means the barrier of entry is not financial. Secondly, the Arduino community is booming with cool Arduino projects, showing the world what is possible with cheap electronics. The world of drones has not been spared from the takeover of […]

Selecting a Drone Flight Controller

Flight Controller On DIY Drone

Building a drone can be very rewarding, but choosing a flight controller for your drone can be an overwhelming task. There are seemingly limitless drone flight controller choices on the market today. While this is true, there is only a select amount of drone controllers that are right for your build. Once you have clarity […]