Instructions For Obtaining Private Project GitHub Access

Each project in the member’s project area will have private GitHub repositories which have all the code needed to complete the project.

To get access to the code, please follow these simple steps below.

Once you have completed these steps, you’ll have access to ALL private repos for ALL the member’s projects. Each project will have it’s own repo, so just access it from project page itself.

1. Create a GitHub Account (if you haven’t already)

2. Request Access to the Private GitHub Repos with this form:

    3. Please wait 12 hours for a private repo invite. This will appear in your email inbox

    4. Download the Code. The link to the project specific repo will be under the project page.

    You’ll have two options. The first will be downloading the code right to your vehicle’s companion computer (Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi). You’ll need to be signed into your GitHub account on the companion computer in order to download the repos.

    Alternatively, you can download the repo to your Desktop computer, and copy that over to your companion computer. This could be done with a Samba shared filesystem, or a scp.

    For scp, you’re essentially using ssh protocol but to copy files. Let’s say you wanted to copy the voice_assistant repository to your raspberry pi from your desktop computer. You’d just pull up a Ubuntu terminal and run the command below

    Which would copy over the voice_assistant repo to your raspberry pi at IP address