STL Library

For all your robot printing needs!

PiCam Back

Back plate of the PiCam mount. It snaps into the PiCam front for a press fit. Works with PiHawk and Micro PiHawk Kits.

PiCam Front

Front plate of the PiCam mount. It snaps into the PiCam back for a press fit. Works with PiHawk and Micro PiHawk Kits.

Pixhawk Plate

Plate that the pixhawk sits on for PiHawk drone kits. It mounts to the vibration dampener top plate of PiHawk drones. 

Micro FC Mount

Micro PiHawk mount for the F405-HDTE flight controller. Works for all 30x30mm flight controllers.

Rover Pi Mount

Mounts to the chassis of rover kits. Mounting holes align with the raspberry pi. The bottom of this plate mounting tapes to the chassis. 

Extra Rover Mount

Extra mount platform for PiHawk rover kits. Great for things like lidar, extra sensors, speaker, etc. 

Vibration Plate Bot

Vibration plate that connects to vibration plate top. Reduces vibes felt by the pixhawk on PiHawk drone kits. 

Vibration Plate Top

Vibration top plate that mounts to the bottom plate with vibration dampeners. Then has mount points for the Raspberry Pi on Pihawks. 

NeoPixel Mount

Middle mounts are for 8xNeopixel sticks with M2x4 screws. The outer mounts secure it to the bottom frame plate of Pihawk drone kits.

NeoPixel Diffuser

Pairs with Neopixel mount. Best when printed with see through filament. Helps to create a uniform ‘light bulb’ light from the individual Neopixel LEDs. 

ArduSimple Mount

ArduSimple Mount for the RTK2B board. The outer mount points mount onto the modified pixhawk plate, and the inner mounts to the ArduSimple board.

Outer Drone Leg Lock

Drone leg extension for PiHawk drone kit. This pairs with the drone leg STL, and the two zip tie together. 

Outer Drone Leg

Pairs with the drone leg lock. This drone leg provides more ground clearance for PiHawk drone kits. 

Modded Pixhawk Plate

This modded pixhawk plate allows for stacking of electronics on top of the pixhawk. The inner mount points screw into the top plate of the drone or rover, and the outer mount points are for spacers. An example of what would sit on top of this is the ArduSimple mount.