IIn this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to transform your Raspberry PiHawk Drone into a 4G enabled vehicle… with LIMITLESS range!

What’s the point of having a raspberry pi drone if you don’t do insane things like this. When you complete this project, you’ll be able to control your drone from anywhere on the planet (where there is a mobile signal). 

There are many different methods of communicating with the Raspberry PiHawk drone when it has been enabled with 4G networking abilities, and we will cover all three. There is some IT networking involved in this project, but don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly what you need to know, from the theory to the application.

Want to control your drone through a 4G MissionPlanner connection? What about establishing an SSH session with your Raspberry PiHawk drone over 4G networks? Or what about literally controlling your drone from 70 miles away (could have been longer.. just didn’t feel like driving farther XD). You’ll learn how to do all of that and more in this epic project. 

Below is a summary of everything covered in this project: 

  • Hardware Overview
  • Powering Raspberry Pi Through UBEC
  • Mounting 4G Shield To Raspberry Pi
  • Setting Up Firmware to Activate 4G Connectivity
  • Limitless Telemetry Range With MAVProxy
  • Limitless SSH Range With Reverse SSH Tunnel
  • Automatic Launching Of SSH Connection
  • Control Drone With BVLOS Mission From 70 Miles Away

Additional Member's Only Features

This project is based on our Drone kits. You’ll need that, and the custom hardware add-on kit that can be found at the button above. This kit features the custom raspberry pi power supply and standoffs to mount the 4G shield.

Additionally, you’ll need the SixFab shield and SIM card.

Members can access the code for this 4G drone control project in our private GitHub Repo by clicking the button above. If you get a 404 error, it means we haven’t added you to the private repo. Request access with the button to the right. 

If you are a Drone Dojo member, you will have access to every private repo for all of the projects. But first, you’ll need to request access so that we can authenticate your account. Click the button above to complete this one-time process.