In this unique project, you’ll learn about a sensor that can be used to replace GPS for indoor navigation for our Raspberry PiHawk Drone kits

Since GPS need to communicate with Satellites, attempting to use a GPS module indoors will not be successful. There is just too much “stuff” in the way that corrupts the signal. But what about all these cool indoor drone applications like inventory scanning and security, how do these drones navigate without GPS?

Enter “optical flow” sensors, which can be used in place of GPS modules, thereby making them a staple for indoor flying applications.

In this project, you’ll learn how to equip your Raspberry PiHawk drone with an optical flow sensor called PX4FLOW. 

Members will have access to our custom PX4FLOW mount that we will send right to your door. Then all you’ll need is the PX4FLOW sensor that are easily available online. Let’s jump in!

Below is a summary of everything covered in this project: 

  • How does optical flow work
  • Which is better, GPS or optical flow
  • Flashing the firmware to the PX4FLOW
  • Focus the lens of the optical flow module in MissionPlanner
  • Installing the PX4FLOW to the custom Drone Dojo mount and securing it to the Raspberry PiHawk frame

Additional Member's Only Features

This project is based on our Drone kits. You’ll need that, and the hardware add-on kit that can be found at the button above. The custom hardware add-on for this project is the PX4FLOW mount, nuts and screws. 

Additionally, you’ll need to get a PX4FLOW module on the internet. 

There is no custom code required to perform this project. 

If you are a Drone Dojo member, you will have access to every private repo for all of the projects. But first, you’ll need to request access so that we can authenticate your account. Click the button above to complete this one-time process.