In this epic project, you’ll learn how to create a voice assistant on your Jetson Nano Smart Rover

The standard Jetson Nano Smart Rover already has a mic on the webcam that comes in the kits. This will be the voice input that the Jetson Nano will use to translate speech into text. You’ll also get feedback from your Voice Assistant through the speaker (comes in the Hardware Add-On Kit Below), so you know what your Voice Assistant is doing. 

What can you do with a Voice Assistant you ask? Good question. Basically, you’re able to trigger code with your voice. Conventionally to trigger code, you’ll need a mouse, keyboard, SSH connection and a lot of patience. With the voice assistant, none of that is needed. Want to run a script, triggered from your voice? You’ll see how to do that. Want to drive the rover with your voice, as if it was an RC controller? We’ll show you how to do that too!

Below is a summary of everything covered in this project: 

  • Hardware Overview
  • Testing Mic and Speaker on Linux
  • Speech-To-Text Overview
  • Download dependencies
  • Obtain Google API Key
  • Download the Voice Assistant Repo
  • Speech-To-Text Demo
  • Text To Speech Demo
  • Create Daemon To Automatically Launch Voice Assistant
  • Voice Driving
  • Voice Launching of Scripts

Members Only

This project is based on our Rover kits. You’ll need that, and the hardware add-on kit that can be found at the button above. 

Members can access the code for this Voice Assistant project in our private GitHub Repo by clicking the button above. If you get a 404 error, it means we haven’t added you to the private repo. Request access with the button to the right. 

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