Calibrate Camera for OpenCV Applications

So you want to get into openCV applications. Perhaps you want to track an aruco marker, or move a drone with gesture control. Whatever the application, you need to calibrate the opencv camera so your computer vision application can run properly.

Why does the camera need to be calibrated? Well, to explain it in very simple terms, each camera will have uniquely fitting internals, like lenses and the image sensor. The factory makes every product the same, but the internals of each camera will be slightly different.

Calibrating the camera helps adjust for these unique attributes which distort the images. Once calibrated, your openCV applications know how to account for the imperfect cameras so that you get better results in your scripts.

So how is camera calibration done? It’s a simple 5 minute process. Don’t be worried. Just follow the video and get to programming your own robot apps!

How to Calibrate OpenCV Camera

Calibrate a Camera In Under 5 Minutes (2020)

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