PXFMini Flight Controller Shield for Pi Zero Drones

The PXFMini is a flight controller shield that sits on top of the Raspberry Pi zero, making it an easy drone solution for micro based drones. 

PXFMini Pi Zero Hat

This shield was developed my Erle Robotics and was the first of its kind. 

Many projects have come from the PXFmini shield. Unfortunately, the company Erle Robotics was bought out and the PXFmini project was scrapped in the process. 

This means the only PXFmini shields that are currently available today are old boards. On top of that, the software running on it is out of date and unsupported. 

Thankfully, the Drone Dojo has a pi zero drone solution that doesn’t require the PXFMini that you can follow and get a micro drone up and flying. This guide brings you from parts to flyable pi zero drone, and it even includes support for a camera. 

On top of that, our Pi Zero drone even supports the very popular open source project ArduPilot, so you get an advanced autopilot solution with hundreds of thousands of lines of code all for free. 

Spot, the Pi Zero Drone

If you are interested in learning the specifics on how to build any drone, check out our complete DIY build a drone guide. It will help with your Pi Zero drone, or even your regular sized raspberry pi drone.

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